How to Write Vehicle Signage That Will Work For You


If you have a fleet of vehicles that you use to promote your business, it’s important to ensure they’re working hard for your brand. The signage on your vehicles should be effective and easy to read, as well as eye-catching and professional looking. There are many different factors that go into designing vehicle signage so it does its job well: including where the sign is placed on the vehicle, what type of font is used on it and making sure the phone number is clear and easy to read from far away. In this article we’ll explore some tips for creating effective write ups from signwriters Sydney for vehicle signage that will work for you!

Be careful with your font choice.

It’s important to consider the font style when making decisions about your vehicle signage. Make sure that the font you choose is readable and easy on the eyes of drivers. When you’re selecting a font, keep these things in mind:

  • Fonts can be a major distraction. If it’s difficult for your audience to read what is written on your sign, it could distract them from paying attention to other aspects of safety or traffic laws (like stopping at red lights). This can lead to accidents and other problems that could’ve been avoided if drivers weren’t so easily distracted by signs with hard-to-read fonts!
  • Fonts can be hard to read. Some people may have difficulty reading certain styles or sizes of fonts because they don’t have good vision; others may just have different preferences from most other people when it comes down to which typeface looks best! In either case, choosing something simple will ensure that everyone can enjoy what’s written down there without having any issues reading through all those letters one by one until finally reaching an end point somewhere within those words but not necessarily knowing exactly where because those sentences were pretty long so it might take some time…and then there would come back around again too soon after finishing off whatever was left behind before moving forward again.”

Make sure your business name is clear and easy to read.

When it comes to your business name, you want it to be clear and easy to read. Make sure your business name is large enough so that it can be seen from a distance. You don’t want someone driving right by your sign and missing the fact that there is a new business in the area!

Consider using a font that is easy-to-read in all conditions. For example, some fonts might look great on paper but are hard to read when painted on the side of a truck trailer or building wall.

Include a quick way to remember your business name, like mention of a particular product or service.

You may have a catchy slogan, logo, or tagline that you want to make sure your customers remember. For example: “The faster way to get from Point A to Point B.” You can include this in the signage by having it written on the vehicle itself. It’s not necessary for you to use all of these things for your marketing efforts but at least one should be included as part of your design strategy so that people associate what they see with a particular business name and/or product or service (e.g., “The fastest way from here to there!”).

Make sure your phone number stands out.

The phone number is the most important part of your sign. It should be large enough to stand out and easy to read at a distance, but you also need it to be visible in bright sunlight. If possible, center the phone number on the sign so that it doesn’t get pushed off-center by anything else in your design.

If you’re having trouble making sure your phone number stands out enough, try adding some white space around it or creating a border around it using an outline (a single line).

Keep the overall design simple and not too busy.

You want your vehicle signage to be easy to read, not complicated and not difficult to figure out. Choose one or two fonts that are easy on the eyes and legible at a distance. Don’t use any fancy fonts or lettering styles, and make sure the font size is large enough for people to be able to read it easily.

The best way to do this is by using a serif font in a large size on dark green or black vinyl (or paint). If you want something different, choose sans-serif in white on black/dark green/white vinyl; this will give your design an interesting look while still remaining professional.

Make sure the contact details are located in an area that will be visible when the vehicle is parked or stopped at traffic lights.

Contact details should be located in an area that will be visible when the vehicle is parked or stopped at traffic lights.

If you want your signage to communicate your business effectively, make sure the contact details are located in an area that will be visible when the vehicle is parked or stopped at traffic lights.

Find a reputable signwriter to install the signage on your vehicles.

Once you’ve decided on the style, size, and material of your vehicle signage, it’s time to find a reputable signwriter who has experience in vehicle signage. To do this, ask for references from previous clients and check out their portfolio. If they have any examples of work that fits with what you’re looking for, this is where their real skill sets will come into play.

Be sure to ask about the installation process as well—some companies offer a full service which includes installation while others prefer to leave it up to the client. Ask about their warranty policy and turnaround time so that there are no surprises once your order has been placed. And finally, don’t forget to inquire about pricing!

Your business should be promoting itself through its vehicles wherever they go, so make them work hard for you by using these tips when designing the signage.

The right vehicle signage can make all the difference to your business. It’s easy to get it wrong and end up with a sign that is not only difficult to read, but is also likely to confuse drivers on the road. That’s why it’s so important that you take the time to get this right so that your vehicles are working hard for you wherever they go.

Here are some tips on how best to design effective vehicle signage:

Make sure it’s visible and clear

Drivers should be able to clearly see what your signs say from a distance of at least 100 feet (30 meters). To ensure this happens, use large lettering in black or dark blue on a white background – these colors contrast well against other elements such as trees or buildings. When designing different types of information such as arrows pointing at an address or phone number, try using contrasting colors so they stand out against each other too – black arrows over yellow backgrounds tend work well here!


There are many things to consider when designing vehicle signage, but if you follow these tips, it’ll be easy for you to create something that will work for your business. Keep in mind that the design is more important than anything else—if you can’t get people interested enough in your business through its vehicles, then what good are they doing? So make sure that every vehicle has a unique design that works well with the overall branding of your company and attracts attention wherever it goes.