How to Get Started With Pilates

Are you finally ready to get in shape, but are dreading hours in the gym trying to reach your goals? Why not try a different type of exercise that is both gentle and rejuvenating as well as effective at helping you reshape your body. Pilates is a wonderful alternative to endless hours in the gym. You won’t completely replace your gym time, but it’s a great addition to any traditional resistance training/cardio program. For remedial massage Northern Beaches a 1hr session every day is already a good start.

One of the best parts about Pilates is that it is good for just about anyone no matter if you are someone who calls themselves lazy or if you exercise everyday. It’s great for people with all types of body aches and pains as well as people who just want to get in shape. Pilates is also extremely effective in providing additional body conditioning to athletes.

Pilates has gained a lot of attention these days and there are new pilates classes available at many locations you might not expect. So, getting started is as simple as going online, taking a walk outside your apartment door, or walking across the street. You can even just turn on your tv to

The most obvious place to find pilates is at a pilates studio. Check online for local studios or call some physical therapy offices for recommendations. You can also find that many of the YMCA’s and large gyms like Ballys and 24 hour fitness offer Pilates. Many of these locations have a mat class or two available. In the past few years, they started offering machine classes as well. The larger gyms might also have private pilates training available as well.

Another option for finding classes might be really close to home. If you live in a large apartment complex, ask the management office if there are any instructors at the building. Most likely, someone at your building teaches pilates, is a personal trainer, or knows someone who is. If you have a gym in your complex, keep an eye out for trainers and clients. Express your interest for this type of class and your building might do the legwork for you!

Classes and privates may be combined as mat or machine work. Whether you take pilates at your gym or in a studio or even at your condo/apartment building, make certain that you get supervision from a Certified, Experienced Pilates instructor.

Because Pilates is very popular today and classes are coming available all the time, it’s important to be cautious and ask lots of questions about the instructors teaching wherever your find classes. You always want to get training from an trained, certified, and experienced instructor.

A certified instructor will be able to customize a workout for your individual needs and modify exercises for your safety, as well as to insure you don’t aggravate any existing health conditions.

You want to have an instructor that is certified through a comprehensive training program consisting of several hundred training hours. You want to feel confidence that you are getting the best training possible.

The best way to start pilates is try out a free private training session. If you tell the instructor that you plan to take more cost-effective classes, he or she can prepare you for the classes, so you know what you should/shouldn’t do to stay safe at the faster pace. This first session is also a chance to see if you like the instructor and studio.

There are so many options to starting a pilates program. Whether you take mat pilates or machine-based classes, take a private session or a pilates beginner class first. Take your time through the exercises. Listen to your instructor and focus as much as you can on your form. Your efforts will result in an amazingly toned body and a dramatic increase in your energy.

After you take your private session, you will be ready to take more pilates classes, pilates privates or do at home pilates workouts. Learn more about workouts in Pilates classes.

Good luck finding the right Pilates program for you!

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