How About Starting Your Own Air Courier Service?

Have you always dreamed of owning your own business, having the time and money to visit exotic locations and being able to fly first class? How about starting your own air courier service? Airfreight is expensive but there is no delay.

If you love traveling, live in or near a city with a large national or international airport, and you have the kind of lifestyle that lets you pick up and go on a moment’s notice, then you might want to think about starting your own business as an “air courier”.

What is an air courier? It’s a person who is hired to transport a specific item from one destination to another, within a specified deadline.

And, before you start imagining sinister men in trench coats carrying guns with silencers, and beautiful foreign women transporting secret microchips, let me reassure you that traveling as an air courier is 100% legal and aboveboard!

What you are asked to transport varies tremendously — it can be almost anything — legal documents such as letters or business contracts, children going from one country to another, medicine that was forgotten during a vacation, reports, computer disks, product prototypes — the list is endless.

In fact, because of the “instant gratification” mindset today where we are used to information and communication that travels faster than the speed of light, air courier companies have seen their businesses grow tremendously over the last ten years. What that means for you is increased opportunities for free travel.

Who can start their own air courier service? Anyone who is over 18, holds a valid passport and who is in good health. It also helps if you’re flexible and can pick up and travel on very short notice.

Why is this a wonderful opportunity?

When sending a package by air, the shipper has two options — the first is to send the package as “cargo.” Cargo travels alone (especially since the tragedy of 9/11), is shipped in bulk in large containers that usually aren’t sent until the container is full, in order to maximize revenues for the airlines.

In addition, especially when cargo is sent overseas, there are sometimes long delays getting the package through customs, there are endless regulations that must be followed, inspections that must be passed, etc.

For the air courier companies, who have to make sure the package is not only delivered, but reaches the intended recipient as quickly as possible, these delays are unthinkable. (If they don’t make their deadlines, then their competitors will. Think of the slogan from one such company…”when it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight…”)

On the other hand, if the same item is considered “personal baggage” and is carried with a ticketed passenger, it arrives with the passenger, and generally passes through customs quickly, without all the delays.

Plus, a person can book a ticket for a specific flight arriving at their destination at a specific time — not so for cargo. Which means that a shipment that could take days or weeks if it’s classified as cargo, can take hours instead because it’s classified as baggage.

Because very few of the air courier companies have the resources to employ full-time couriers, the industry itself has come to rely on freelance air couriers, which, even when having to pay someone to travel, and covering the cost of their airfare, is still a better ROI when compared against the paying full-time wages, holiday and sick pay, insurance and all of the other costs involved with having employees.

This is where you come in.

As an air courier, you are providing a valuable service in a growing market. And from the traveler’s point of view, you might find yourself flying to Paris one day, and Hong Kong a week later!

Once you’ve been hired, the process is pretty simple: the company contacts you, to check your availability. When you confirm, they book the flight and let you know when to be at the airport. You’re met at the airport by a representative, who gives you your ticket, a list of item or items you’re transporting, and your baggage claim tickets. They’ll usually even have checked you in, saving you many hassles. You get to sit in first class, and enjoy the flight. That’s it. You don’t have to contact the recipient in the city you’re flying to, actually pick up the package on your way to the airport, or do anything other than be responsible for it going from one airport to another.

At your destination, you’ll be met by another company representative, who will take the baggage claim tickets, and give you your return ticket.

How long do you get to stay? That depends on you and the air courier company. Sometimes your schedule will be tight — you may only get hours between flights. Other times, you’ll have a day or two. Obviously, as your reputation increases and the companies you work for know that they can rely on you, you have more room for negotiating.

There are several ways to get started. There are actually companies who recruit air couriers, and the fees for joining are usually nominal. The benefits of going through a certified company can be many. For example, they often provide information that it could take you a long time to figure out on your own. They also offer forums, newsletters and other resources to help you succeed. Because they have built a reputation, you might find it easier to get started in the business by working for one of them at first.

But, you can also find the information completely on your own, and start off freelancing. Look in the yellow pages for air couriers that are located near your local airport. Figure out where you’d like to travel to, and make a list of the locations they serve. Because there are companies who transport items both internationally or just within the states, where you travel is largely going to be a matter of personal choice.

Also, make sure that you investigate each company before applying with them. You want to make sure that they are a solid business, with a good reputation. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, get on the phone, and find out what their application process is. Many companies today prefer that you apply online. Whatever the process is, make sure that you provide them with all the information they request.

Timely tip: After submitting your application, follow up with a thank-you letter, on your new “company” letterhead. Remind them of your availability, that you can accept short or no notice flights. Find a way to position yourself above that of the other couriers.

Once you’ve gone through the process the first time, you’ll have a much better idea about which other companies you want to apply to and how to hone your interview skills. (So don’t make your first application with the biggest company that you want to work for the most.) Obviously, if you limit yourself to one or two companies, you’ll also be limiting the amount of work you’ll get and the locations you can travel to.

Timely Tip: Put together a database of the companies you’ve applied to, the date you applied, and contact information. Follow up with the company regularly, but don’t be a pest.

Once you’ve been hired, don’t be surprised if you start getting calls within the first couple of weeks. There is a growing need for professional, responsible air couriers.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you start working:

1. Be professional. Remember that while shorts and flip flops may be comfortable for vacationers, you’re working and representing the air courier company.

2. Often the only baggage you get to take with you is hand carried. Invest in microfiber clothing in basic colors, and learn to pack essentials only. If you do get to stay for longer than a few days, you can always pick up some essentials once you’re there.

3. Give your own business card to the company representative in the country you travel to, and make sure that your email and voice mail information is included.

4. Apply to all the companies you’ve decided you want to work for, and then follow up with the ones that haven’t contacted you regularly — perhaps a polite letter or even a one-page newsletter that lists the latest on industry related news.

5. Stay organized. Don’t over commit yourself, and try never to have to cancel a trip.

Starting your own Sydney courier service is a great way to make money and see the world.

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What Are The Essentials of a Car Care Regime?

All your car needs for being in a good condition is a weekend car care routine. It will help in giving your car a brand new look and showroom finish and keep it spic and span for a longer time. Most car owners struggle with keeping the cars wash at home and often crib about how dissatisfied they are with the results.

However, when right washing techniques are combines with appropriate car washing equipment, the results can be incredible and at par with professional wash. Here’s a look at the essentials of a cars care regime:

1. Maintaining the alloys

As you drive, the alloys are one of the most exposed parts and vulnerable to dust, dirt, and puddles. These start showing on the alloys with the passage of time. Even if your drive carefully, you are sure to gather some amount of dirt and debris on the wheels. There are special cleaners available in market which clean your alloys thoroughly and help in getting rid of the grime, brake dust, and debris. They not only clean the alloys but also retain their beautiful finish.

2. Taking care of the bodywork

The first and foremost thing to do is cleaning the surface of your car to get rid of the dust and dirt. You should also choose right window washing equipment for cleaning the windows as they are also a part of your car’s surface. A clean cars with dirty windows will spoil the look of your cars. Also, take time to inspect scratches and scuffs so that you can take the required steps. Bodywork maintenance is important for preventing the rust. Wash it often so that you can prevent rust from developing.

Waxing and polishing are essential for maintaining your bodywork. They make a layer of protection on the car and add shine to the surface. Get in touch with use for another layer of car protection.

3. Keep the car clean inside-out

Here’s a look at steps you need to keep your car clean:

  • Invest in deionized water car washing equipment.
  • Start by giving your car a rinse with pure water so that solid dirt and grime can be removed.
  • Take wash mitt and special car cleaner and start scrubbing the surface one part at a time.
  • Clean the wheels and make use of a special alloy cleaner.
  • You can use a chamois for drying off the car.
  • Apply wax for making a protective layer and adding shine to the surface.
  • Never forget to clean the interiors by using brush and vacuum cleaner and wipe down the dashboard.

Explore the web for more information and suggestions on choosing the right window washing equipment. Invest in car buffing machine it is the real deal right now when it comes to perfect results.

The Taste of The Orient in a Box!

A fusion of the best Oriental food you will ever eat is what Noodle Box offers. Ranging from Chinese, Thai and Indonesian, you can literally travel to the East to get the taste of traditional Oriental flavours right at your doorstep. What’s more, Noodle Box only prepares food that is totally free from MSG, so you get to eat healthy and delicious too. Food is packed in the restaurant’s very own signature boxes that will keep food fresh and piping hot, giving you the added convenience of eating it anytime, anywhere. We can also prepare food based on your taste and spice level preferences.

Take advantage of the Lunch Box Weekday Special Combo available from Sunday to Thursday between 11 am and 3 pm. You get to choose between any choice of meat combo which includes Chicken, Beef, Duck, Fish/Prawns or Vegetables. Pair it up with some spicy and delicious Chinese and Thai Sauces with Veg Fried or Veg Hakka noodles for a scrumptious feast. All combos are accompanied with your favourite Chinese finger food starters, which is Spring Rolls and Sauce. You can also add refreshments like Water or Soft Drinks to go with your food

Hungry for some Curry?

Are you ready to get Currey-ed away with your favourite North Indian delicacies?

Curry Box presents the Weekdays Lunch Combos starting on Sunday and ending on Thursday from 11 am to 3 pm . This special offer comes with a impeccable starter, stunning main course and a refreshing drink. What’s more you get to enjoy it with some fluffy White Rice and traditional yet delicious Tawa Roti and Dal. Get a healthy catering foods to serve for those health conscious guests.

The choices for a starter include a Mini Samosa or Onion Bajji, both spicy and crunchy in texture. Main course varieties include a Favorite Curry or Kabab of your choice. Our in-house special Curries are made with the freshest of ingredients that will heighten your senses and take your taste buds into a feeding frenzy. Kababs made with vegetables, meat and seafood are marinated with fresh Indian spices and herbs and grilled on an open Tandoor to give you the authentic taste of North Indian cooking. You can choose Water or a Soft Drink for refreshments along with your meal.

Making A Company Live Long Through Team Building Retreats

Always include team building on your corporate activities because it doesn’t improve productivity but also long lasting bond. For the perfect coordination between the management and the staff the concept of team building retreats is no more over the surface. The spirit is correctly lulled for that ardent integration and cohesion within the company. To hold the spirit of a team within the organization is very important. A team keeps a company alive because a congregation of efforts is the best way to bring things into shape. Correct output from the team members help in the apt corporate encouragement. Disparity between employees works as a hindrance in company progression. Thus, the presence of a unit within the professional arena is highly required at the stage.

The Essence of Team work

The concept of team building retreats is innovative. It is a sort of modernized forum training. Through the kind of training the employees are taught how to stay attached and perform in teams for the best organizational performance. Working under the principal, one is expected to improve and progress with better professional endeavors. In the manner the professionals can best learn by avoiding mistakes and they can catch up with the process through the effective sharing of corporate ideas. When working as a team, knowledge is better passed on from one person to the other. In the way intellect is shared and implemented to infuse speed in the manner of working.

The Ethos of the Training Program

Through effective forum training, the members of the team take part in several activities and real life performances and this can give way to both professional and individual transformation. At times several professional problems and riddles are particularly taken care of through fun game activities. In the manner you win, you learn and later on you can implement the same at the workplace. Under the training process of team building retreats, the employees are made to learn the art of handling and taking care of complicated issues under the corporate roof. Through individual contribution you can give way to form one big concept.

Being One through a Common Interest

There are ways by which you can bring the team together. This is best done through the sharing of a common interest. If you have drummers within the team they can form a group and contribute in forming a spirit. This is a sane example of team building retreats. Going for a picnic and arranging events within the organization can once again lift the spirit of the employees. They are better motivated to sit in teams and plan concretely for an effective plan implementation and upgrading.

Corporate Video Training can make a Team

If you have the zeal, you can sit together and can plan for a corporate video. Through the shoot you can exhibit the inherent team strength of the company and this would help others understand the essence of true team building retreats. In the video rather than speaking for own self it would be best to speak about each other’s strength and its effect in making the company big and successful.

Through the concept of team building retreats, you can encourage concepts like development of professional skills, sharing effectively within the team, and encouraging efforts. The senior employees within the team should not encourage in subjugation. Rather they can act as a driving force in encouraging and motivating the young staffs and enabling them form a perfect idea about the company. idea in team building is very unique for everybody which catch the attention of all employees.

A Brief Overview About Car Wax

Car wax is an individual component that is used to make a vehicle good looking like a new one. This product was first introduced in the mid-1800 century. But this year 2021 carnauba wax product has maintain it’s reputation in the market according to 60% of vehicle owner.

But the mordent waxes are more effective in formula though the basic concept is remaining unchanged.

What is Car Wax and how often should you wax your car?

This incredible item is made of high-grade blend oils and some special solvent that can distillates oil properly. Also, it includes a certain amount of ethanol, petroleum, naphtham and different types of mineral spirits. Another common ingredient is wood varnish.

This compound makes a layer over the primary paint and helps to protect it from further staining and damaging. Moreover, it makes the vehicles shiner, glossier and more appealing.

The exciting part is it can protect the car from horrific UV rays, fog, raindrop (especially from acid rains) and other harmful elements (Both natural and chemical).

That means: besides the beauty hack; it also increases the automobile’s longevity and ensures the ultimate protection.

What is Carnauba Wax?

However, some waxes are plant-based. For example, the Carnauba wax is a high-quality vegetable wax. It is made of Brazilian Palm leaves.

Also, it contains petroleum distillates and other types of oil blends. And this is an extremely useful and 100 % pure item.

Nevertheless, another fact you should be noticed: Actually, a wax and a polish is not the same substance. Both are applied in a vehicle. But their purpose and activities are different.

Difference between car wax and car polish:

Typically, the polish is applied as an instant remedy. This helps to eradicate dirt, grease, scratches, and grime.

Also, it removes the impurities from the upper surface.

On the other hand: A wax is used for protecting the car paint by providing a good layer over the surface.

Variable types of wax:

Here are the most common types of items:

A. Natural wax:

The beeswax, carnauba wax is the best example of natural elements. These are made of tea leaves, different kind of vegetables and argan oil.

Comparatively, these goods are safer, hygienic and eco-friendly.

B. Cleaner Wax

A cleaner wax is often called an All-in-one or One-step product. These waxes contain chemicals, and sometimes abrasives, to clean the paint, remove oxidation, polish, and allow a layer of protection for your car.

This item is also referred to as one step or ALL-In-One object. Its key ingredients are refined chemicals, and a few amounts of abrasives (Abrasive is used for cleaning the paint, removes oxidation and makes a protective layer.

C. Finishing Wax

Unfortunately, it has no cleaning capability. But it is applied for making a glossy effect.
How to use it?

Here I share the most straightforward technique.

(Step by step)

The entire process is pretty simple, friendly for beginners and an easy DIY hack. As a result, you can save your extra cost and extra effort.

Let’s get started:

Part A: Gather the required objects:

A resilient plastic bucket
A good quality microfiber towel.
Lubricant and clay bar
Soaps, dry clothes, spray bottle, foam, etc.

Part B: Prepare the surface:

To prepare this follow the given tips.

First of all, wash your vehicle precisely. Yes' these stage a bit time-consuming but complete it correctly. For ultimate washing: Use a quality cleaner. Even, you can use homey detergent powder. However, make sure you clean the car properly.
Then, focus on a stable temperature. Avoid too cold or too hot weather.
Now, select a perfect place for waxing. Avoid direct sunlight. The best location is your home garage.

Part C: Apply the solution:

(Final stage)

You can directly apply the component over the vehicle surface. For more comfort use a wet foam and gently rub it.
If it is in a liquid state; directly spray it.
In the end, let it dry and clean it again (With a dry towel)

The best car wax in the market:

The following models are highly effective and market-dominating products.

A. Collinite’s No. 845 Insulator Wax

B. Chemical Guys Butter Wet Wax

C. Wash Wax All by Aero Cosmetics

D. Car Guy’s Liquid Wax

E. Meguiar’s G18216 Ultimate Liquid Wax
Final verdict:

Here you get the fundamental review of car wax. Now, you realize the importance. That’s why my final advice is: Find a quality wax and use it regularly on your automobile. (twice in a month)

Check Out Interesting Home Decor Items When You Decide to Renovate Your Home

Cheap wedding celebrant consider always the price because what is important to them is the expenses after the wedding. Most of us love to decorate our home in innovative ways. We love to collect curios and other stuff from different places and decorate our house. We pick up things to decorate the home when we are on trips or even when we are out doing our regular shopping. One of the most popular home decor Malta item is the sofa set. There are so many interesting varieties out there. You can take your pick from leather one, cloth variety, cane wood and so on.

The right sofa set can change the entire look and feel of the house. And when you are decorating your house, why do you want to restrict the sofa set for your living room? Why don’t you place them in the bedroom as well? You don’t need to buy an entire sofa set, you can just buy one or two piece variety so that you can place them in the bedroom. However make sure that it will go with the bedroom.

Don’t opt for any thing that will not go with the look of the room. Each room should have a specific look. This will give the house a distinct look. For your kitchen, opt for smart looking wall cabinets so that you can put your crockeries and utensils in appropriate places.

Why don’t you give your house a new look with different color scheme? Select a different color for each room in your house. For your living room, what do you think of the color red? For your bedroom either electric blue or ivory white color and for your kitchen stick to green color. For your bathroom opt for tiles – both for the floor and the wall. They are the latest trend and look very cool. There are so many interesting designs and colors available.

Other interesting home decor Malta items include wall hangings. You can either opt for wall carpet or big portraits that you can hang in the wall. Or you can also opt for wallpaper with interesting designs on them. There are so many ways, in which you can decorate your house. Everything depends on you and the kind of look you want to highlight. Budget is also an important constraint.

Before you start the renovation work, we will suggest that you take the amount in consideration. First make a list of the items that you like to buy, the kind of renovation you would like to do and finally you need to check out different stores to see what is available where and what is the cost involved? You can check out online stores as well.

There are many interesting home decor items that are available online so click here. So we suggest that you check out online stores online. And finally when you have compared everything and have selected the items, go ahead and get the renovation work done. Give your home a complete new look with this makeover. From time to time, you need to pay attention to the appearance of your house as well.

Easy Cheap Exercise Ideas For Weight Loss

Another way to relax after you have done your work out is going to beauty salon Northern Beaches. Exercise is a significant factor in weight loss whether we like it or not. Let’s face it, most of us are in the “or not” category, me included. I know I should go to the gym but the cost is a consideration and also the time as well as the fact I feel a little self-conscious doing it in front of people who are avid gym users. But when we are starting out in our weight loss adventure we don’t need to go to these lengths, not to mention a few of us would need to go to the doctor to make sure what is safe and what isn’t in the form of exercise. The answer to this is to find easy cheap exercise ideas for weight loss for our everyday lifestyle.

Exercise can get boring, so one important thing is to find an exercise plan that will keep us interested and make it enjoyable. Finding this interesting exercise plan will make us more likely to do it without even thinking about it eventually. Now, walking is a great way to exercise and lose weight because it isn’t overly strenuous and you’ll be losing calories without really thinking about it. Like the gym though, it isn’t always convenient and it can be cold and wet, so we need things to do at home also in replacement so at least you can listen to your favourite music or watch television whilst you’re exercising.

Staying at home to exercise for many people is the key to success and as much as going out walking or going to the gym is the ultimate exercise it isn’t as I have said practical for a lot of people and you shouldn’t feel bad for this or think that’s the end of it as there is plenty you can do at home.

Firstly finding somewhere to exercise at home isn’t difficult, if you have a garage or a spare room this is great, but if not, your living room is just as ideal and there are plenty of motivational tools in there to use such as the television or stereo system which can give you easy cheap exercise ideas for weight loss. Putting on your favourite music on music channels or music system can inspire you and can have a really positive effect on your motivation.

So you’ve got your room sorted out and your music, you’re nice and warm and haven’t had to dress up, get in the car and drive miles down the road.

You don’t need to have fancy equipment to get going and there are cheap things you can get or maybe already have in your house you can use to exercise.

• Do some star jumps to your favourite music

• Dancing along can be great. Get others in your family to join in for some fun. Losing pounds off your weight whilst dancing around having fun is the best way for losing calories

• A balance ball is a great tool to use and can be fun as well as being cheap to buy

• If you have weights they are also great, or if not, use tins of beans. The point isn’t to gain loads of muscle by pumping iron but to have a little weight in your hands as you do your exercises which will help add a little more without exceeding your limits. You do actually feel the tins after a while I know as they are what I use. Try it now, get a tin hold your stomach muscles in and raise your arm up and down as you would with weights, I guarantee after a while you’ll start to feel it

• A Yoga mat is good and you can pick up DVDs for next to nothing these days, not to mention there are programs on television for free that do exercises with you, Yoga and practically anything you want.

• A stationery bicycle is a great exercise tool. You can put it anywhere in the house you want and use it watching the television even reading a book!

• I like to shadow box a little and that really gets me going and doesn’t cost anything, and doing it with your trusty tin of beans is even better. You’ll find this one really gets your heart rate up. I love doing it.

I won’t list exercises here to do on your mat and explain how to do them because I am not an expert and it would be better for you to listen to the experts on how to exercise using your stomach muscles properly etc. which is what I do.

Just have a think about anything you can do enjoyable which could help you shed a few calories, you’ll be surprised at what you do in your everyday life that raises your heart rate and just doing that a bit longer can have a real positive effect. Once you get into a routine after a few weeks you’ll look in the mirror and see a difference and you’ll want to do more. Whatever you do, you’ll find that building it on the foundation of activities you enjoy is the key to developing a lifetime of fitness.

For loads more tips on weight loss, do read more our articles for your weight loss plan. As I am losing weight too I am always keen to find good easy ways to lose weight without changing my lifestyle too much.

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An Essential Overview Regarding Pregnancy

Rich in calcium foods to eat during pregnancy are good for mothers. More than one half of women who are pregnant end up developing stretch marks also referred to as pregnancy marks or striae gradarum. Stretch marks usually look like streaks on the outer side of the skin and vary in color depending with one’s natural skin color. For instance, women who are dark skinned tend to have lighter stretch marks compared to their surrounding skin. During pregnancy, most ladies develop pregnancy marks on their abdomen. Nonetheless, is also very common for a pregnant mother to get pregnancy marks on the hips, buttocks, thighs and breasts. In some instances, up to 90% of ladies end up having stretch marks on most parts of their body due to pregnancy. The following is an essential overview on the causes of pregnancy marks, the population that gets these marks, their prevention and how to remove stretch marks after giving birth.

Causes of Pregnancy Marks

These marks usually develop when an individual’s skin is stretched rapidly just as it happens in pregnancy. Most ladies develop stretch marks during the late trimester of their pregnancy even though some women start developing pregnancy marks very early immediately their belly starts bulging. Stretch marks are small tears that form in tissues which support the skin and assist it in stretching. Stretch marks represent the separation or tearing of collagen from the skin especially when the tearing occurs. Pregnancy marks are not painful or harmful and normally fades after some time.

Another cause of pregnancy marks is lack of normal hydration. Dry skin might be as a result of lack of hydration. This generally makes the skin dry and very hard to distend. This is the reason why is it recommended that you take a lot of water when pregnant. You might need to use creams to maintain moisture and smoothness of the skin. Thus, drinking a lot of water can aid in moisturizing the skin and preventing these marks.

Lack of skin elasticity because of improper nutrition causes pregnancy marks. Since the food that the mother takes supplies both the baby and the mother and the pregnant mother might not be taking enough to provide the body with enough nutrients and vitamins. As a result, the skin end up suffering from lack of needed substances such as vitamins E, C and A, fatty acids, zinc and selenium. All these are requirements for a healthy skin.

Who Gets Pregnancy Marks?

Most ladies believe that when you use creams and lotions during pregnancy, it will help you to prevent stretch marks. However, the intensity of stretch that one gets will depend entirely on how elastic is her skin. The elasticity of an individual’s skin normally relates to the genetic make-up in the body. If your mum got stretch marks while pregnant, you high chances of getting them.

In addition, getting pregnancy marks also depends on the weight that one gains during pregnancy. The more weight an individual gains during gestation, the more likely one will develop more stretch marks. Typically, the skin is usually very elastic and capable of enlarging but in some women, changes that occur to the skin during pregnancy are very severe. These changes in weight and skin enlarging can cause pregnancy marks.

In addition, women who are expecting twins tend to have more pregnancy marks than single pregnancies since their belly normally grow larger. The following are other factors that contribute to women vulnerability to stretch marks. If one developed stretch marks before for instance on breasts when still a teenager than the chances of getting pregnancy marks are high. Secondly, if you had pregnancy marks during your first pregnancy. In addition, if you are overweight, the chances of getting these marks during pregnancy are very high.

Ways of Preventing Pregnancy Marks

You should make sure that you moisturize your skin. Keep your skin supple and lubed up constantly. You can opt to use any typical brand of moisturizer that is found on the market. Ensure that you apply it at least twice every day. If you know you are the forgetful type, you can keep your moisturizer either next to your bed or even in your bathroom.

You should also drink a lot of water during pregnancy. Ensure that you take at least eight to ten glasses of water every day so that you are hydrated. Dehydration normally causes dryness and wrinkling. In addition, make sure that you take fruits and vege’s that are rich in vitamins C, E and A. These vitamins are essential for the skin as they help in rejuvenating and regenerating the skin. In addition, the vitamins have properties that stop the breakage of the skin in future. Regular exercises are also recommended. When one exercises, she increases the rate of metabolism and flow of blood hence sending all nutrients that the skin requires to repair it and remove stretch marks. Exercising daily will help you to keep fit and speed up collagen development in the body hence replacing the broken ones when the skin overstretched.

Most women worry so much about marks that are left on their skin after giving birth. Fortunately, most pregnancy marks end up fading away. For instance, after 12 months postpartum, pregnancy marks are less noticeable or light. Nonetheless, some women have serious stretch marks that affect their self-esteem after giving birth. For such women, there are a number of treatments that can offer them a lasting solution.

If you have severe pregnancy marks, then make sure that you consult your dermatologist or doctor. Some topical treatments for instance tretinoin cream can help in reducing stretch marks. Nonetheless, ensure that you use these creams after pregnancy since they can cause defects to the unborn child. However, if you are breastfeeding you child, you should first of all consult with you physician prior to using any pregnancy mark treatments. This is important since some treatments can have an effect on the milk production or pass through the breast milk to your infant. You can also decide to have a plastic surgery after you are done with giving birth.

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The Importance of Education in Today’s Society

The increase in aged care facilities will further raise so they need an aged care courses Sydney sooner. So, do you believe that EDUCATION is absolutely necessary in today’s society? Does being educated make a significant difference in someone’s life?

Education is the process of learning and acquiring knowledge at school from a teacher, receiving knowledge at home from a parent, a family member, and even an acquaintance. Education is a key that allows people to move up in the world, seek better jobs, and succeed in life. Education is one factor that affects job positions people hold, advance in their further career, the income they make, and the title they hold. The more educated a person is, the more prestige and power that person holds.

However, unfortunately we have places in the world, where not everyone has an opportunity or chance to receive formal education. India is amongst the countries, where there is a high population of people who are illiterate. Almost, 55% of the population in India is illiterate. Partly, because most of the country resides in villages and not in cities, where education is more prevalent. Most of the people living in villages spend majority of their time in cultivating crops and harvesting their fields and don’t find it necessary to be educated in order to harvest their fields or to do household chores. The girls living in villages marry at a young age and later get busy with family and doing household chores. According to Indian belief, girls commonly get married at an early age and are advised to stay home and take care of the household instead of studying or working. That’s the reason why lot of parents in India are worried about getting their daughter married rather than her education. I can give you an example in my own life. When I was in India I wanted to get further education and fulfill my dream. On contrary to what society thinks, I wanted to pursue my career in the health care field to serve my own community. The support from my family, especially my grandfather, gave me the strength to keep my dream alive. I was 18 years old when we moved to the United States, and the transition to a country that is different culturally, academically, and politically was not easy. I did not know what I could do with my life when I came to the States. The transition was difficult for my parents as well. The need for finding a business, concern about my sibling’s education and me and adjusting in a new environment was definitely challenging. After doing most of college in India, it was hard for me to start over my college education. My dad’s brother, who is a physician, inspired me to keep my dream alive to pursue a career in medicine. I started my education at the community college, where I struggled with most of my classes in the first year as the educational system was different than the one I was used to. I joined clubs and other organizations at the college to know more about the medical careers. I got the knowledge that I required for pursuing a career in medicine but still, I had never experienced how things are in the real world of medicine. I have done everything that I could to help me fulfill my dream. I am currently an Emergency Medical Technician and I enjoy working in the allied health field.

I think being educated is the most important thing not only for success in one’s life, but the better educated population plays an important role in making a nation more successful and well rounded. Receiving formal education is vital, but to achieve success in life, informal education is essential. One can learn English, History, Math, Science in school, and be “book-smart”. Furthermore, one can learn how to live life by knowing what to say when, acting a certain way in specific situation, and be “street-smart”. You can have all the “book” knowledge in the world about a certain profession, but if you don’t know how to behave with your colleagues and your superiors than having “book” knowledge won’t take you too far. For example, if you are a Physician by profession, you have all the knowledge about the world of medicine and know much about health care, but if you do not have bed side manners and don’t interact well with your patients, co-workers, and the team, than what’s the point of having all “book” knowledge. To achieve success in life and reaching a point in life where people respect you for what you are is what makes a difference, because at that point you excel in both formal and informal education. Education is very important and no one should be deprived of it.

“No nation can leave its security only to the Police and the Army, to a large extent national security depends upon the education of citizens, their knowledge of affairs, their characters and sense of discipline and their ability to participate effectively in security measure.” – Kothari commission

A well educated population represents a well secured, well developed, strong Nation.

Charmi Patel is a home business author, student, and an EMT.

She thinks that education is a vital element in making one’s life successful. She wants to share with everyone how important education is in today’s society and that no one should be deprived of education. A more educated population plays a vital tole in success of the nation.

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Over Forty Flat Stomach Exercise Basics

Instead of going to the gym why not enroll first in a pilates instructor course to have a better understanding in exercise. I hate to break it to anyone approaching or passing the big 4-0, but the bad news is: you cannot train like a 20 year old to get a flat stomach. The good news is: you don’t have to train like a 20 year old to get a flat stomach.

In your late teens and twenties, your body was high in fat-burning growth hormone, your stress was fairly low and you could often rely on the Mom and Dad Hotel for good meals and financial help. Fast forward 20 years and you find a few changes:

• Slower recovery;
• Higher stress;
• Slower metabolism;
• Less time for training; and
• Accumulated injuries and indulgences.

It is kind of like trying to get better mileage out of an older car. You can do it. But, you have to be smart about it. In the case of your body and health, you have to be smart about your exercise, diet and behaviour.


Exercise for the plus-40 crowd should focus on posture and structure for optimum function and strength. You cannot be super strong and healthy with a sunken chest, slouched shoulders and protruding gut. You might possess some “old man strength” for a short period of time, but your energy and endurance will be lacking.

Try pulling your neck back into your collar, roll your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. You will note that your stomach naturally draws inward when your body is aligned. This is why the old soldier can appear fitter than the younger, but slouching recruit.

Obviously, when the body is aligned, you feel and breathe better. Your digestion improves and you probably do not tire as easily. So, even without burning a whole lot of calories, your weight will distribute over your body, improving your ease of movement and appearance. Posture is very important in martial arts and yoga. And you see lots more older people in those areas than say, aerobic dance.

Here is a secret to a flatter gut after forty: Always include some posture and back exercises when you train your abdominals. For starters, practice the one-legged seated stretch and standing lunge. The one-legged stretch is done by sitting on a mat with one leg straight and the opposite leg tucked in with your foot near your groin. Slowly reach your chin and chest towards your foot. Relax, take a deep breath and exhale as you stretch. Stretching one leg at a time, reduces the chance of back strain. Spend about 30 seconds per leg. Some professionals stretch for 10 minutes in each position. This stretches the hamstrings which get shortened from excessive sitting.

Avoid bouncing, jerking motions and/or reaching with your forehead as these popular movements can strain your upper and lower back.

The standing lunge is like a karate stance or fencers lunge. Stand with one leg forward with the knee bent and the other leg straight behind you. Keep the front knee above your ankle. Hold for 30 seconds and change. This movement stretches the hip flexors, which also tighten from excessive standing and sitting.

The other problem posture area is the upper back. Too much time behind the steering wheel or computer let these muscles slacken from lack of use. Train yourself to get out of the car or desk chair and move around at least every hour. Torso raises, the Pilates Breast Stroke, the yoga cobra, swimming, classical dance and martial arts all strengthen this area.

Next to posture, you must use peak effort exercises. Cardiovascular or endurance exercises are great for the heart and lungs. But peak effort exercises like isometrics, weight lifting and certain body weight exercises will boost your body’s growth hormone and bone density. Strength training is more anti-ageing than endurance exercise, though both are important. This is to say that performing squats (with or without weights), over-head presses, chin ups, body weight exercises and curls 2 to 4 times per week will slow down ageing better than jogging every day.

While long endurance sessions will burn more calories during the exercise, strength exercises will continue to burn fat AFTER the exercise. After a strength training session, your muscles are rebuilding while burning fat. Even while you are at home watching television, sleeping, etc. You can actually exercise less and get more benefits. I found this out decades ago when I ran twice a week and lifted weight twice a week. Within a couple of months, I was running a faster 1.5 mile run than the guys who ran 3 miles every day. Strength training, nutrition and rest days gave me superior performance than the guys who just plodded along every day at the same pace.

As for getting a flat stomach: here is a routine that I have used in my forties and fifties ONLY ONCE A WEEK.

1. First, work the upper back. Keeping the hips on the floor, raise your torso off of the mat. Your head should be kept straight so that you are looking forward approximately one foot. (Not shown.)

2. First, work the obliques. As these are the body’s stabilizers, they will tend to assist the other abdominal groups during an abdominal workout. You will want to tire them out so that the other abdominal groups get more work. Side-to-side movements, such as leg-overs will work this area.

3. Next, work the lower abdominals. As body builders, athletes and formerly pregnant women can tell you, this is a soft area of the body that is difficult to strengthen. Movements such as leg raises will work this area. Again, you want this area pre-fatigued so that you can really work the next stage.

4. Now work the crunch for the upper abdominals. With the other abdominal groups already fatigued, the upper abdominals have to take on most of the workload. This is like most of a rowing team suddenly stopping and leaving two members to keep rowing. The upper abdominals get far more work than if they were cruising along with the rest of the abdominal “crew”.

No more than 3 seconds rest between exercises. Move from one to the next exercise and then rest for one minute after the crunches. Then repeat for 3 sets of the whole sequence. Start with 5 repetitions and go up to 30. It is a butt-kicker but produces awesome results in about 5 sessions.

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