What Is Digital Designing and How It Is Changing With Today’s Technology

In today’s world everything is going digital. Communication is becoming Digital Communication, advertisement is now Digital Advertisement. So with these changes the meaning and definition of designing has also changed and is now known as Digital Designing. The importance of concept boards in digital designing is to make the life easier of the artist.

Now don’t get confused by the this word.
Simple meaning of this is any designing done on digital platform is known as Digital Designing. In early days people used to draw by hand on paper/ books but now same things are drawn by hand but the difference is now we use stylus instead of pencil, we have tabs, screens to draw rather than on paper. We fill color in our art work but not with water colors or paint colors but digitally in software’ like Photoshop, illustrator, digital painter tools etc.Earlier we used to have different kinds of brushes for painting,hard,soft,thin, thick,round, square,etc but now we only have one stylus and rest settings can easily be done in the software itself.

Digital designing in not only limited to Digital painting it includes all other forms of designing:

1. Graphic Designing: Graphic designing was known as flat designing. The images we see on a page advertisements about other things and all, Visiting cards, brochure, pamphlets, etc. But now with the introduction of Digital even the definition of Graphic designing has also changed. New age graphic designing is breaking all the stereotypes of flat image designs.

2. 3D Designing: Any objects that are created in 3D software’ are called 3D designing. These objects are rendered in order to view them or use outside of the software. These images have depth that differentiate then from flat images or graphic designs. With the introduction of 3D printers, this field is also becoming infinite; unlimited number of opportunities and work.

3. Video Production/editing: Video production is also a form of digital designing. You create a whole video with your own creativity and present them in video form. Videos are just images playing per second.

4. Motion graphics: Branch of video production but full of 3D motion. So this combines the work of graphic as well as 3D.

5. Architectural Designing: A branch of 3D but in architectural form. Those building plans you see on pages are created in 3D with the help of various 3D software’ giving a realistic outputs. This field is not limited to only images but is now have extended to videos and even to VR.

6. Product Designing: Product designing is combined form of graphic and 3D because first the product is designed in sketch or digital art form and then in 3D, so this field is created after the introduction of Digital Designing.

7. Package Designing: How the things will be packed and delivered to customers, this is what is done in package designing. This is the filed that is emerged from graphic designing. This website will guide you in creating concept boards.

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Pilates Exercises for the Intermediate Level

Welcome to this series of Intermediate Pilates exercises for all Pilates practitioners/persons who have been working out regularly and are strong enough to move on to the next level. Please remember to keep the core principles of Pilates active throughout these exercises. Stay with doing only a few repetitions but in great form rather than many rushed-through, haphazard ones but in less than perfect form. Happy Pilates exercising! Pilates teacher training Sydney is aware about doing warm ups before they proceed to proper Pilates exercises.


Lie on your stomach with your legs together and stretched out. Keep your shoulder blades drawn towards your hips, your shoulders away from your ears, stretch your arms straight overhead. Pull your abs in so that you lift your bellybutton up and away from the floor. Reaching out from center of you, extend your arms and legs so far in opposite directions that they naturally come up off the floor. Achieve length in your spine by lifting your head off the mat while keeping your face looking down at the mat. Alternate right arm/left leg, then left arm/right leg lifts in counts of 5 breaths in and 5 breaths out. Move continuously this way like as if you are swimming on the mat.

The Plank

Begin on your knees and walk your hands out on the floor, allowing your legs to stretch out behind you. Place your forearms parallel to each other on the floor, your hands in fists. Your shoulders should be directly over your elbows. Lift your belly up and away from the floor as you extend your spine so that it’s very long. It is important to keep the pressure out of your lower back by pulling up the lower abs. Keep your shoulders broad and ensure that your shoulders are away from your ears. Your neck is a long extension of your spine, so your head is not dropped or tilted up. Breathe fully as you hold the pose for 30 seconds.

The Roll Up
Lie on your back with your legs straight. Relax your shoulders and keep them away from your ears. Place your arms straight up over your head and back so that your fingertips are pointing to the wall behind you. Inhale as you bring your arms up overhead past your ears, allowing the chin to drop towards the chest, the head and upper spine curling up and off the mat. As you exhale, continue in a smooth motion to curl your entire body in an “up and over” motion towards your toes. Pull your abs in and deepen the curve of the your spine as you reach for your toes with your fingertips. To reverse the curl, inhale as you pull in your lower abs reaching your tailbone under, and uncurl yourself – vertebrae by vertebrae. About halfway down, exhale to continue to set one vertebrae after another down on the mat. Keep your upper body curve as you roll down slowly, with control. The arms are still outstretched and following the natural motion of the shoulders as you roll down. Click here if you are interested to enroll in Pilates course.

Open Leg Rocker

Sit up tall on your sit bones with your knees bent so that you can grasp your ankles. As you balance between your sitbones and tailbone, keep your abdominals activated as you lift and extend one leg, then the other, to shoulder-width distance apart out in front of you. On the inhale, use a deepening scoop of the abdominals and the fullness of your inhale to propel your roll back onto your shoulders. Stay in your C-curve as you roll, leaving your head and neck off the mat. Pause before you exhale and return using your abdominal muscles to bring yourself back to an upright position.

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Bolster Your Website Rankings With SEO Consulting

With Google playing around with algorithms, the job of an SEO consultant has become tougher. Though there are loads of resources and information available for webmasters on topics related to SEO, with regular updates, Google has made life tough for them.

Vendor/Client Relationship

All this hoopla over Google updates has made it imperative that the relationship between clients and SEO vendors is win-win. For some organizations, it is important that they get proper support and service along with the expected search results too. Further, some others intend to get themselves educated on SEO so that they can bring this work in-house. While some others just outsource this job without any personal involvement and expect the SEO consultant to justify his or her work. This is what is meant by positive relationships. Both sides have to be positively present in the work of SEO for it to become successful.

Finding the Right Local SEO

When relationships are mentioned, it becomes mandatory that you find some local SEO agency, rather than one that is far away and meeting the team in personal is difficult. With many SEO agencies springing up every now and then, this sounds easy. Further, you may have worked in some industry and have built relationships already in the market which can lead you to a good agency. You can find referrals for this too. However, caution is the “key” word here. As mentioned earlier, this is a two way process and hence, finding a company that is good in SEO techniques along with rendering proper support is necessary.

As is the case when finding a new job, finding a good SEO agency too requires proper networking. Further, when you are networked properly, this is also going to act as a booster when you begin your SEO campaign.

A Golden Rule

The consultants you hire for your SEO project need to be honorable and respectful of client needs. Further, this process is true for the clients too. They need to have the same attributes with regards to the consultant. There are times when corporates carry a “baggage” due to bad past experience and act rudely with consultants. However, you need to keep in mind that this will actually spoil your campaign. Though it is true that you may hire someone else, this will kill time and also affect your goals related to brand visibility. This again increases the need of good relationships between clients and vendors. So the golden rule here is “A mutually respectful professional relationship works wonders.”

There are many SEO agencies that are capable of having discussions with clients to exactly determine goals that are realistic. However, as a company, you need to understand that reacting to competition, or falling for an oiled pitch rendered by the consultants are not good for your SEO effort. A good agency and a good client will always work mutually to find goals and plan accordingly. This will finally provide the outcome that is intended when approaching any SEO experts.

The author is a seasoned SEO consultants Melbourne who has worked on many successful projects. He also writes about important trends for the industry for people to know and learn a new tip.